While the world continues to change at a frenetic pace, Covid-19 came along. Coping with all of this is a challenge even for the best.

For more than 30 years, we in Kara have been privileged to support and challenge some of the best in their respective industries (B2B, B2C, Public Service).

We have a reputation for making the complex simple and for cutting through the noise.

Based in Dublin Ireland and Dubai in UAE, we work around the world, tailoring solutions that are practical and commercially focused – for organisations of all sizes.

We’re a safe pair of hands, after all we are The Change Agents.


We will have a world-class reputation for facilitating change in people and organisations.


We will support and challenge our clients with growth strategies that are practical, commercial and relevant.


• Think Customer • Be honest but empathic • Be commercial and practical • Learn new stuff

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