Everyone knows that culture eats strategy for breakfast.

And if you get your culture right, you can take on the world. But while others can copy your strategy – no one can copy your culture so it’s vital that you exploit that competitive edge. Alan will share what it will take to achieve a high-performance culture for your organisation.

Alan can ask hard questions about your culture, your values and the engagement of your own people – and encourage you to take a fresh look at your own organisation culture.

Tailored for you:

You might like to be inspired by Europe’s leading recycling company that is now influencing the global circular economy.

Having made multiple acquisitions in the last five years, Alan presented a challenging culture keynote at their annual management conference.

He was then invited back to support a significant culture change programme which is now a model for successful change. Alan has a collection of other B2B and B2C case studies that can also be tailored for you.

Or you might like to know how Selfridge’s Values propelled them to be the best in the world in an industry that many consider to be under the greatest threat ever.

Or you might like to be inspired by stories from Alan’s forthcoming book – Culture Matters (The 4-‘Must-have’ Values in your Culture)

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