From food to fashion, luxury to mass, big box to multiple site and travel retail to the high street, Alan has consulted with countless retailers for over 20 years.

Retail is changing rapidly and becoming even more complex. On-line for example, has completely disrupted the industry and has obviously risen significantly throughout C-19. Coping with all that is an ongoing challenge – even for the best and Alan has a view on that. Blame for the alleged ‘retail apocalypse’ is too easily and frivolously attributed to the growth in on-line.

In actual fact, there’s more to it than that. It’s more like Retail Darwinism in front of our eyes. Bricks and mortar retailing is not dying. But bad retailing IS dying. Those organisations that are not embracing the changes around them and investing appropriately, will continue to struggle.

Alan can reveal to you the secrets of the successful retailers in a way that you can learn from and adapt for your business.

​Selfridges in particular is an amazing success story, winning the award for ​best department store in the world,​ three times. Alan can share his insights and how he supported them to achieve their ambition.

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