Improve Engagement and Productivity with a Kara Supercharge your People Development Programme.

Employee Engagement

Although it is a cliché, your people are indeed your greatest asset. At the same time, a high-performing team is essential in these times of uncertainty. Your payroll investment is significant, so taking care of this prized asset has to be a priority for you too.

We in Kara put a high value on the importance of employee engagement. When your people are emotionally committed to your company, they will give their all to be as productive as they can be. That’s the Holy Grail for you, after all, your people can make or break your business. They have your destiny in their hands.

You need to have a strong employee value proposition. You can build that with the Kara HRMix, which is made up of four key areas:


This is about ensuring you have the right person in the right role, at the tight time. Do you have the right organisation structure and the right people in the right roles? Do they have clarity on what is expected of them? Is your recruitment process best in class? And how effective is your succession planning?


Formal training helps individuals to fast-track their progress and support you in your organisation goals. Otherwise, poor skills or knowledge will lead to poor customer experience, low morale and missed targets. Training is also an effective retention tool.


In almost every employee survey ever administered, 'communications' is a challenge. We cab help you to dramatically improve communications across the business to motivate and to ensure no ambiguity. That might be a mix of 1:1s, meeting etiquette, performance management, and more.


Remuneration is not the only consideration in this category. There are lots of additional ways to show you care and we'll help you to tailor what's right for your business.

In summary, we know how to support you in maximising productivity with great engagement. Depending on your specific needs in any of these four areas, we can tailor a solution to suit you.

And if you don't know for sure, we'll help you find out. We partner, the best provider of employee engagement surveys.

Improve Leadership Effectiveness with a Kara
Supercharge your Leaders Development Programme.


Your leaders at all levels have an essential role to play. Within the context of our Leader’s Six-pack, we can tailor a leadership programme for you.
We have done a lot of work in this regard. To ensure consistency and achieve results, we see it principally as a culture and leadership challenge. Our senior teams are fully committed to a new culture that Kara has helped us with.
Paul Whelan
HR Director – St.Gobain Construction Products Ireland

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