Supercharge Your Structure With A Kara Supercharge Your Structure Programme.

As organisations keep busy with operations and getting the job done, lines of accountability and responsibility can often get blurred.
With the best intentions, a structure may have been decided at a point in time in the past. But then as the business matures and undoubtedly changes, people often make assumptions about who does what.

Some will just get on and do things without realising they’re crossing boundaries. Others may just abdicate responsibility and be quite happy for others to carry the load.

One way or another, it can lead to tasks falling between stools, fatigue and low morale – and poor business results.

Whether you have been through an acquisition or downsizing strategy – or your business has just grown up some more, we can help you to supercharge your structure. We’ll do that through a programme of discovery, design and delivery.

We are personable and commercially focused, so we’ll guide you to develop an open and honest dialogue that will deliver a structure with accountabilities and clarity.

In this incredibly fast paced world it’s often hard to keep up with change and yet Alan keeps things simple, easy to understand and inevitably ‘hits the nail on the head.’ His knowledge of what’s right for business comes from years of experience working with the worlds best companies; asking the right things of the right people... in other words those closest to your customer.
Duncan Graham
CEO – Retail Excellence Ireland

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