Your customers’ and your competitors’ worlds are changing fast
Kara will guide you in making effective changes in your organisation
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Can’t see the wood for the trees?
Kara will guide you in making the right changes for your organisation
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Change brings
many new challenges
How are you coping?
As a Team of Change Agents we’ll give you practical help in refreshing your business
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Culture Matters:
The Four ‘Must-Have’ Values to
Supercharge Your Business

What We Do

The world was already experiencing an abundance of disruptive change, then along came Covid-19. Bringing opportunities for some and challenges for others, it impacts you and everyone else, your customers, your suppliers, your competitors and your employees.

Is your business ready for the challenges ahead? 

It’s not always clear what buttons to press to grow a business. Take comfort from knowing that every successful organisation throughout the history of time has followed the same structured path to excellence. We call it The 7-Steps to Profit.

How are we so sure? Because we have seen it first-hand having supported and challenged many of them. With 70 years of experience between us and our tried and trusted 7-Steps to Profit, we in Kara will help you get clarity and certainty to supercharge your pathway to the future.

We will support and challenge you with growth strategies that are practical
and commercial – and add long term value

Alan O’Neill FREE 7-Steps to Profit Guide. Start exploring your 7-Steps!

Kara Services

Culture Refresh

It is said that culture eats strategy for breakfast! While strategy guides you on what you will do… and structure defines who will do it… it is your culture that determines how you will do it.

Strategy Building

Plot your Strategy with a Kara Supercharge your Strategy Programme. If you haven’t yet (or recently) defined a clear medium to long term strategic plan, don’t be shocked.

Structure Reboot

As organisations keep busy with operations and getting the job done, lines of accountability and responsibility can often get blurred.

People Development

Although it is a cliché, your people are indeed your greatest asset. At the same time, a high-performing team is essential in these times of uncertainty.

Delivery Options

Wherever you are in your journey, Kara will supercharge your business with any or all of the 7-Steps to Profit.
We will tailor our support for you in whatever way suits you best.

4 Delivery Options to Suit You (Physical, Virtual or Hybrid)


A hands-on consulting programme, guiding you all the way to achieve your goals.


Training for your leaders and front-line teams. (Delivered live or on-line).


A facilitated debate to prompt your leaders with big picture ideas, case-studies and action-plans (Delivered live or on-line).


A keynote tailored for you, to inspire and motivate your audience into action (Delivered live or on-line).

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About us

While the world continues to change at a frenetic pace, Covid-19 came along. Coping with all of this is a challenge even for the best.

For more than 30 years, we in Kara have been privileged to support and challenge some of the best in their respective industries (B2B, B2C, Public Service).

We have a reputation for making the complex simple and for cutting through the noise.

We’re a safe pair of hands, after all we are The Change Agents.

Based in Dublin Ireland and Dubai in UAE, we work around the world, tailoring solutions that are practical and commercially focused - for organisations of all sizes.​


We will have a world-class reputation for facilitating change in people and organisations.


We will support and challenge our clients with growth strategies that are practical, commercial and relevant.


• Think Customer • Be honest but empathic • Be commercial and practical • Learn new stuff

Alan O’Neill FREE 7-Steps to Profit Guide

Start exploring your 7-Steps!


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