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The 7-Steps to Profit is a model that is followed by the greatest organisations in the world.

Drawn from that, is the Kara 7+ Index,  an organisation health assessment and an x-ray into your business.

Amazon, Emirates, Selfridges and Toyota all score highly on the Kara 7+ Index.

The 7-Steps to Profit may be obvious, but common sense is not always common practice! And despite the best intentions of leaders, getting it right all of the time is not easy.

That’s why the Kara 7+ Index is so important.

It’s a powerful organizational health self-assessment tool designed to empower businesses of all sizes and industries to unleash their full potential for profitability. Your individualised results profile will give you clear pointers for sustainable growth.

By leveraging the comprehensive detail in your report, you will get invaluable insights into the key drivers of success.

Key Features


A detailed self-assessment questionnaire based on our 7-Step to Profit, covering all aspects of your organization’s operations, including vision, culture, strategy, people, operations, marketing, operations, and more… assessing the frequency and effectiveness of your organizational practices.


With questions comprised of soft and hard elements of an organization’s ecosystem check how aligned your team are to the ambition of your business. Does your organization have the capabilities, processes and motivation to execute? How well do your people understand, adapt and respond to changes in the external environment. How aligned are managers in their views of priorities for attention?

Leading Indicator of Future Performance

The Kara 7+ Index is a leading indicator of your organization’s ability to achieve sustained improvements in future performance potential.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate through the survey with ease, thanks to an intuitive and user-friendly interface designed for maximum convenience and efficiency.

Main Benefits

Holistic Analysis

Gain a holistic understanding of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses across all facets of your business. Get quantitative and qualitative evidence on your strengths and weaknesses.

Actionable Insights

Receive actionable insights and recommendations tailored to your business needs, based on the renowned 7-Steps to Profit model. Prioritize improvements in the most critical elements for long-term success.

Financial Impact

See how your business drivers impact your financial results and other key metrics, such as ESG, engagement, EVP and customer feedback.


Receive a customized performance report that compares your organization’s results to industry benchmarks and best-in-class standards and identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.

Proven Track Record: Organisations with top quartile health, deliver greater KPIs.

Optional Consultation

We will work with you to change mindsets and facilitate a change journey that will help your organization reach its health and performance goals.

Expert Insights

Optional one-on-one consultation with a Kara consultant to delve deeper into your assessment results and gain expert insights into areas of improvement.

Personalized Action Plans

Collaborate with our consultants to develop personalized action plans and strategies to address identified weaknesses and capitalize on strengths

Facilitated Workshops

Participate in facilitated workshops led by experienced consultants, designed to align your team and drive organizational change for enhanced profitability

Customized Pricing

Scalable Pricing Model

Enjoy flexible pricing options tailored to your organization's size and needs, with pricing based on the number of employees and level of consultation desired.

Transparent Pricing Structure

Benefit from transparent pricing with no hidden fees or surprises, ensuring clarity and peace of mind throughout the engagement process. Prices from €2,750 per organisation.

Opt for a subscription model that includes a re-survey - to monitor progress on your actions

Resellers Partnering Opportunity

Are you a Consulting Professional, an Accountancy Practice or a Turnaround Expert?

Added Value for your Clients

As a reseller, you can offer this comprehensive Kara 7+ Index health assessment as an additional service, enriching your client relationships and demonstrating your commitment to their success.

Extra Revenue Stream

With zero upfront costs, partnering with us is a lucrative opportunity to diversify your income and expand your service offerings.

Enjoy the benefits of offering a high-value service to your clients without incurring any overhead costs.

Cross-Selling Opportunities

Leverage the insights from the Kara 7+ Index assessment to identify areas for improvement within your clients’ organizations.

Offer additional consulting services, training programmes, or turnaround solutions, further enhancing the value you provide as a trusted advisor.

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